The Importance of Updating WordPress

 In Web Security

WordPress is an open source software with a massive community of contributors and has come a long way since it first launched back in 2003.

It is now the most popular content management system (CMS) in the market and has become a dominant tool online, now powering 28.6% of all websites. But the alarming fact is that only 39% of WordPress websites are running the most current version of the software which are vulnerable to all sorts of online attacks. Let’s look at the 4 ways on how we can secure a WordPress website and avoid the online chaos. Better late than never, let’s get started.

Security is the primary reason you should keep your WordPress site up to date. Updates often address bug fixes from the previous version and security enhancements prevent sites from being exploited by hackers. Since WordPress is open source, it benefits from a community of developers and security experts who are constantly testing every version of the software and properly reporting security fixes. Failing to update the latest version of WordPress can make your site vulnerable and an easy target for hackers and malicious code distributors.

Discouraging Hackers
WordPress Developers often find themselves in an ongoing cat-and-mouse game with hackers, patching vulnerabilities as quickly as someone discovers them. The developers then disseminate fixes for these exploits via software updates; these updates usually include improvements and new features.

Keeping a WordPress site constantly upgraded helps to bridge security gaps as soon as possible, discouraging hacking attacks.

Web technology is constantly changing and WordPress developers are always searching for ways to make WordPress run faster and more efficiently. By keeping your WordPress site up to date you will provide not only a better user experience, but improve your site’s search engine rankings along with the better page speed.

Features and Performance
In addition to discouraging hacking attacks, upgrading a WordPress site ensures access to the latest features and best performance enhancements. The WordPress plugins will likely need an upgrade along with WordPress CMS to ensure ongoing compatibility. Too many upgrades to either the CMS or a plugin without a corresponding upgrade of the other can cause instability, security vulnerabilities, and even crash part or all of your site.

To avoid this, you will need to backup your site before performing any updates either to WordPress CMS or Plugins. If you have any difficulties with these, we are there to help you, contact us today!