The difference between Copywriting and Content Writing

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A great website is about more than just an eye catching layout and some nifty portals (although, don’t get us wrong these are definitely important). A truly great website needs some great content too, that means that your 1000 word home page should be written in a way that actually makes people want to read it. This has pretty much been a universally accepted fact since the dawn of the web, but as the market changes and consumer needs and interests change with it, more and more people seem to scratching their head deciding whether to hire a “copywriter” or a “content writer”.

If you’re not even sure what the difference is between those two things then you’ve come to the right place! At Mahi Web we make it our business to know all the ins and outs of great websites so that you don’t have to, so if you’d like to get straight onto building your kickass website contact us here.

Alright so what actually is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Copywriting is writing created for the sole purpose of promotional materials, marketing, or advertising. It’s catchy click-bait headlines, one line slogans, and short posters and flyers that are designed to grab your attention and sell you a product or service. It’s sounds pretty good right? After all your website is, in part, a form of advertising, you do want it to grab people’s attention and you do want to sell your product. So you should be looking for a copywriter, right? Well, actually no but stay with us here…

Twenty years ago a catchy slogan might have been all you needed to sell a product, but in this day and age consumers are more conscious of their buying habits than ever before. The market is crowded and people know it; they’re not just going to spend their money with the first group that comes along necessarily, and they’re not going to be as easily wooed by a quick punchline. Enter content writing.

See the purpose of content writing isn’t to advertise a product (although it may inadvertently achieve that). Content is written with the sole purpose of entertaining or enticing your online audience in hope to keep them engaged for longer with your brand, your website, and your other online channels. It’s about providing information and stories that are of value to your clients, without asking for anything in return, and it gives you a chance to properly woo your potential clients, to build trust, and to win them over not as just one time buyers but as loyal customers.

So we might be a little biased (but trust us with our experience we have every right to be), but given the choice we would choose content over copy any day. The good news is at Mahi Web we aren’t greedy, and we think everybody should have access to great content, expertly written for their website.

That’s why we’ve put together a special one-time offer to help you turn your website into something truly amazing:

Good Great Amazing
$500 first page $850 first page $1000 first page
Online questionnaire to collate relevant information Online questionnaire to collate relevant information 30 minute zoom call to interview & obtain stories for content creation
Basic keyword research Basic keyword research Identification of key success measure for page
350 words (to allow for SEO) Meta data provided Major keyword & long tail keyword research
1 revision 500 words Meta data provided
2 revisions Optimised for voice search
750 – 1000 words
3 revisions
    • Prices above shown on single page sites or as first page of multi job lot
    • All subsequent pages receive 15% discount
    • Clients can mix and match packages to suit site requirements
    • Web template required before writing begins

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